Short summary of the CEN meeting, Burnt Out Punks shows and workshops Norway14th – 16th of June 2012.

Between the 5th and 10th of July we visited Reykjavik in Iceland to present The Stockholm Syndrome and hold workshops at the Volcano Circus Festival. As well as meetings, with our network Circus Effects Network (CEN), about next years show Toqqortat.

On July 2 the Punk bus and the Van took the ferry in Horthals, Denmark to travel over the North Atlantic, passing by the Faroe Islands to Iceland. After more than two days at sea another 2 days was spent travelling through Iceland, down to Reykjavik. A very special trip indeed a once in the lifetime. 

Vulcano Festival was organized by the Nordic House, Iceland and Circus Xanti, Norway. The first year ever with the idea of ​​becoming it becoming a recurrent event. A variety of groups and artists gathered for a week in a large circus village almost down town. The rain kept pouring, strong winds kept blowing and it was very cold. We rigged with in  fur hats and wet gloves. A beautiful island but oh so cold

The workshops (2 in rig technology and 2 of pyrotechnics) were also held in the same weather and ended with frozen but happy participants

The performances were free and were a success! They became an important and much appreciated part of the festival. It is light all night in Iceland so between 23:30 and 01:00 was the only possible time to do the show. Storms stopped the second show which was postponed until the next day. But what a success it became.

It echoed across the city when Inferno turned up with "Hallo Reykjavik!" Whereupon the petrol bombs and pyro went off. The mayor of Reykjavik was selected as the volonteer on the stage - to everyone's delight . As a former comedian, he was happy to be on stage again and receive their residents ovations (150,000 live in Reykjavik).

Circus Effect Network ( CEN) and Toqqortat planning meetings

For the first time participants from all network organizations meet simultaneously.  They are not only representatives of their organizations, but also artists, riggers, producers, teachers etc. We had Ttme to discuss, plan, socialize, dream and create new contacts through the festival and through our outstanding host Olifur Egilsson from Vesturport Theatre.

New members and representatives
We especially welcomed new member Attempo Circ / Marilen Ribot from Barcelona and AFUK 's new representative – rigger/technician Ariellah Winther.

We had several meetings with a final working meeting where we split up into groups and did a realistic plan for how we can make our dream TOQQORTAT become reality. It will take place in August - September 2014 in Nuuk, Greenland. Next CEN meeting will be an important production meeting for two days at AFUK in Copenhagen in February 2014.
We also had a very successful meeting with Max Dager, Director of the Nordic House . We had the opportunity to hear about Nordic House and cultural life in Iceland and Max got the chance to meet all CEN representatives. Ideas about the future of both the current TOQQORTAT project but also other collaborative ideas mainly between Greenland National Theatre ( represented by Makka Kleist and Svenn Syrin B ) and the Nordic House was discussed .

Nalle and Wille also had time to meet Rachel Gardarsdottir , producer of Vesturport Theatre , go through the CEN project and see their premises .

Social time
We had a fantastic afternoon as tourists with Olifur , our outstanding host and friend, as a tour guide . He took us on tour to a heavenly beautiful waterfall, hot spring and a very cozy tavern where everyone got to taste good typical Icelandic dish. But best of all on the cold blustery island was the visit to his good friend far out of nowhere. Who had a large cucumber cultivation and  a huge hot spring pool in the back yard. Where we all warmed our chilled bodies while eating fresh cucumbers. Oli also took us to a very original fleamarket in town. A peoples flea market. A mix of Iceland woolen shirts , old shoes , posters, raw shark , noodles and screw . Absolutely stunning!

On the 10th the bus and Van took off for the long journey home to Alby , Sweden. The rest stayed one  more day and took the opportunity to see as many shows as possible.

What a trip!


Burnt Out Punks:
Elise Bjerkelund Reine , trapeze artist Norway, Line Palisgaard , strap artist Denmark, Mithras Ljungberg, fire artist Sweden , Svante Christell , fire artist and chauffeur Sweden , Naale Laanela artist and konfrencier Sweden , Ronnie Nilsson, akro and fire artist Sweden , Anthon Hansson, akro and fire artist Sweden , Wille Christiani eldarist Sweden , Timmy Jonsson, teknikerv Circus Arts Sweden , Kristian Hokka , technicians Circus Arts Sweden .

Svenn B Syrin , theater manager of the Greenland National Theatre, Makka Kleist , artistic director and actor Greenland National Theatre, Arielle Winther , riggers AFUK Denmark Marilen Ribot trapeze artist Attempo Circ Spain , Petri Heikilää , Principal circus line Lahti Finland , Olav Hanto , actor - pyrotechnics etc. Gren 's Friteater Norway, Olifur Egilsson , actor and filmmaker Vesturport Theatre Island , Wille Christiani project manager, artist Circus Arts Sweden , Stina Holmberg coordinator Circus Arts Sweden.

The trip was documented by ”Drakflygaren Production ," Johanna Liljegren and Karolina Jonason. Who will be documenting and filming our work on the project TOQQORTAT.

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