Wille Christiani - Project Managar, chief rigger and performer

Wille Christiani is a skilled circus artist (chinese pole, staff twirling ,fire, clown, physical acting as his specialities), rigger and pyrotechnical expert, and also one of the founders and driving force of the Burnt Out Punks and Circus Arts.

He has attended Lecoq School of Physical Theatre in Paris and Cirkus Cirkörs Circuspilots and have since toured the world and hoping for world domination with the Punks. He has performed and toured in shows with Clowns Without Borders, Cirkus Cirkör, Joe Labero, Lena PH, Robert Wells and many more and conducted and performed in several 1000 events.

Wille is really handy and when he is not busy building a new set design for the show, rigging  or inventing a new gismo he sails long distances and works on his bellowed 82 years old sail boat Miss Muna Ann.

In the show you will encounter his alter ego El Generale who never turns down a challenge! Especially not when his fried brain wants him to do yet another death defying stunt, -like holding his breath inside an oil barrel that is set on fire, or simply just blowing him self up! This hyperactive instigators curiosity will take him where no man has been stupid enough to go before.
Svenn B Syrin - Artistic Director on  Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia - The National Theatre of Greenland.

Svenn started as a young boy to be a sailor and also chief on a big ship.

Some day someone said : You're a great entertainer. You ought to be an actor! And so he did .. 1970 he started in the state theatre school in Oslo and after that actor for example in Oslo, Molde, Hålogaland  and artistic leader in the theatre in Tromsö. Director for so many performances and also playwriter.

So he met Makka and he moved to her to Nuuk in Greenland where he worked as theatreleader in the little independent company Silamiut which today has become Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia - The National Theatre of Greenland.
Stina Rosita Holmberg - Coordinator Toqqortat

Stina is the coordinator together with Wille Christiani for the whole project CircusEffectsNetwork/Toqqortat. Fixing travels ,beds, info etc and she is also expert in the djungel of applications that have made this totally crazy and fantastic Toqqortat possible. Up in Nuuk she worked with money , PR and cooked for us all and spread the scent of spices and baked bread out into the area.

She´s like a circusmum back in Sweden and has worked as a producer and teacher and with applications and food and much more and she also had a restaurant during several years together with her family and both there and in the circusworld been making so much food with focus on spices, scent , stageperformances and budget . 

Asking Stina herself what she does she answers: I do a lot of  exiting and also dull things in the circusworld and can daily enjoy all fantastic people in Cirkus Cirkör , CircusArts, Subtopia , the network and all others,    but deep in my heart I will always be socialworker which I worked with so many years and always will go on trying to change bad statements for better and until the day my ashes flies over the sea,  if my head is OK,  I will always support individuals and groups to go for their dreams whatever it´s about…. JUST GO FOR IT!!!
Ronnie Nilsson – Circus Arts/Burnt Out Punks

Ronnie is a fully-fledged circus artist whom as one of the most sought after fire artists in Europe has toured and worked with renowned Djs, famous artists, performed for presidents, politicians and royalties all over the world.  

Ronnie also used to run a successful comedy radio show and is a keen practitioner of extreme sports.

The Animal longs for his regular shock treatments and massive balls of fire. But most of all he wants to master the art of raindeering, domination and knitting. -A mood-swinging, paranoid animal from the deepest forests of Lappland.
Qiajuk Studio - Danceteam

The goal of Qiajuk Studio is to create an environment for dance in Greenland.
The focus is on children and young people and their development. By opening a dance studio, will help to ensure that there are qualified teachers in several genres in dance.

Qiajuk Studio will focus on training and education in Mask Dance, Drum Dance,
Ballet, Contemporary, Break Dance and Hip Hop.
Petri Heikkilä - Coordinator Finland

Petri is head of the circus department  Salpaus Further Education and also teacher and producer and rigger .

For many years he worked as a circusartist with spezialization chinese pole and made his education by Cirkus Cirkör and the circuspilots.

Oskar Hejll - Mask and puppetmaker

Oskar is a mask and puppet maker, instructor and performer. Oskar designs and makes masks and puppets for opera, theatre and circus, as well as for television and film.  Oskar's employers have included The Göteborgsoperan, Dramaten and the The Jewish Theatre.

Oskar also works with prop making and set stage design. His distinctive designs, complex imagination and mystical concepts have made him well known and appreciated beyond the world of the theater. One of the projects he is currently working with is the amazing Dr Cagliostro´s Cabinet of Curiosities. Visit the projects own website by following this  into the world of the unknown...He also started The BastardCompany in 1999 together with some friends and today they for example for several years have created and performed Magicians Valley during medieval week in Visby, Gotland.

In Toqqortat Oskar he is the setdesigner together with Wille Christiani and create costumes and masks together with the artists and crewOlav Hanto - Grenlands Friteater.

Olav Hanto - Grenlands Friteater

The master pyrotechnician and also coordinator in CEN.

He has been a part of the TOQQORTAT project from the start and is also an actor, scriptwriter and musician.

Olafur Egilsson from Vesturport Theatre /Iceland

Ólafur Egilsson graduated from the acting department of the Icelandic University of Arts in 2002. He has worked for the National theatre of Iceland, Reykjavik and Akureyri city theatres and performed and toured internationally with the acclaimed Icelandic theatre group Vesturport.

A versatile actor, Ólafur is also an established writer for theatre and films and has received several awards and nominations for his work in both fields.

In TOQQORTAT Oli is actor and also scriptwriter. He´s the coordinator for Vesturport in CEN-project.

Nalle P Laanela – Circus Arts/Burnt Out Punks

In TOQQORTAT Nalle  is director and scriptwriter together with Makka Kleist.

Nalle is the founder of Circus Arts and the pyrotechnical circus Burnt Out Punks. He's also the founder of Clowns without Borders - Sweden with whom he has toured many countries and spread hope and laughter among thousands of children in refugee camps.

He is also participating in the award-winning children's show Drömställe, and is the director and star of the dinner cabaré Moulin Noir.

Najattaajaraq Joelsen - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /The National Theatre School of Greenland

I was an amateur actress and have been in different kind of performances. For example Uaajii theatre, with a play called Uaajii (a dance performance), Malugisarpara, a play about love and finding yourself. With this play we travelled around Greenland, like a tour.

Tulugaq, a dance performance. It was shown in Tivoli for the first time, and then again here in Nuuk.

Then we went to Canada, to make a documentary and a show called  the Ravens Storm We travelled around Canada both with the film and the play , (I wasn’t in the play ).

I was a teacher for two years, but I missed the theatre so I applied to the national highscholl of theatre here in Greenland . Now  I am a student here and part of the Toqqortat Show.

Mike Fenker Thomsen - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /the National Theatre of Greenland

Mike  is a multidisciplinary artist from Ilulissat, Greenland, now residing in the metropolis of Nuuk where he just graduated at the National Theatre of Greenland.

For the last 9 years Mike has performed for Silamiut Theatre Company, now appointed National Theatre of Greenland. Selected theatre credits include: Sanasoq Nissiararlu, Qullissara, Aanngalerpuguut?, Den Lil Princ, Crusoe, Kaassassuk, Karius & Baktus, Tappavani Inunnguaq Taanna, Ukaliatsiaq ,and many more. Film credits include: a lead role in Qaqqat Alanngui (2011).

Mike has toured extensively throughout Greenland and the Scandinavian countries with his music and singing.med Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and his band KIMIA.

Marilén Ribot

Was formed in Carampa circus school in Madrid and in Sweden in Cirkuspiloterna continuing her studies in circus University Danshögskolan in Stockholm.

She has trained cloudswing with Victor Fomine former trainer of Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, Roman Fedin in Esac Brussels, Christian Vilpola and Sergey Kerdivarov in Sweden.
She has worked with directors and choreographers like Jay Gilligan, Rob Tannion, Ana Sánchez Colberg and John Paul Zacarini, and companies like Cirkus Cirkör, Hurja Ruuth or Johan Welton & Friends.

Takes part in 2010 in the creation of the show for the Fibonacci Project Barcelona 2010 with Seven Fingers company.

Makka Kleist - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /the National Theatre of Greenland

Makka Kleist , the great greenlandic actress , dramatist , director and headmaster of the Theatre School of the National Theatre of Greenland , a true force of nature , a captivating storyteller and the keeper of an unparalleled wealth of knowledge about the culture and artistic heritage of Greenland.

Makka, which among other things typed musical theater piece Qullissara (- a tale of the abandoned coal miningvillage  Qullissat by Vaigatstrædet, which these days marks the 40th anniversary of the city's closure). Was self born and raised in Qullissat. She was one of the thousands who that time were deported, and she is no doubt that the painful story of the city that was closed with a stoke from Copenhagen, also has a message for modern Greenlanders.

- This is due to Qullissat have had such a big impact on our country's history. Where we stand today on the culture area, with music and with the labor movement, we had not come this far if it had not been for Qullissat. There was a very strong unity in thevillage. Maybe because all came from different places in Greenland and from abroad.

It was not only in Qullissat that this was happening. Forced Relocations, depopulation, all the evil and the sore, it was done  all along the coast in the 60s and 70s. Many small villages were forcibly closed and depopulated. Many experienced the same traumatic thing, says Makka Kleist.

Majbritt Bech - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /The National Theatre School of Greenland

Majbritt Bech is also in the Toqqortat. She first tried acting in 2000 and ever since. She has been a part of different shows including “Ilorpiana Nipaa (2000) , “Aarimmi” (2004) , “Imigassaq” (2011) ,. “Ataqqinartunnguaq” (2011)

She was born 1972 and she has a daughter named Nina.

Klaus Geisler - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /the National Theatre of Greenland

One of many fabulous performers on stage for TOQQORTAT!

"I am Klaus Geisler, one of the first students of the national theatre of Greenland. I love the outdoor life. After doing 15 years of policework in Greenland I decided to pursue my passion as a performing artist. I am very much looking forward to working with the Toqqortat Family. I would like to thank my family for their love and support. Qujan!"

Kimmernaq Kjeldsen  - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /The National Theatre School of Greenland

Kimmernaq is welknown as a singer but is also actor and has among other things been on tour in Canada with the performance »Tulugaq« (The Raven.), a production that includes eminent singers and actors from Greenland and Canada. She participate in TOQQORTAT as an actor.

- I am mainly inspired by the musical spirit from Aasiaat, my hometown. There is so much good music from there.
- I really hope everyone can follow their dreams. It takes courage and it has taken me many years to build up the courage to do it. It is really all worth it.

Joel Degerfeldt – The Academy for Untamed Creativity AFUK

Joel is pecialized in physical artistic pairacrobatics, as well as becoming well versed within modern dance and flooracrobatics.

In TOQQORTAT Joel participated as circusartist with his cyr wheel and fire, among other things.

Fafa & Föni

Also in Nuuk, as volunteers, were two Swiss friends, one a carpenter and fisherman, the other a light- & pyrotechnician and Karaokeaddict, both like travelling and nature. They joint us two weeks before the show and helped out any way they could!

They prefer not to be on the internet so much, but we still want to shout out a THANK YOU!

Ezkimoves - NUIF

With us on the stage are also the breakdancegroup EZKIMOVES from NUIF (Ungdom i Fremdrift).

NUIF Youth Centre is located at Nuuk stadium and was  opened 2006. It´s a place where all young people can use in all project contexts.

Evelina Jensen - Props builder, volunteer in Nuuk

My name is Evelina Jensen, and in Toqqortat I will be cooking a bit and also work on the scenography.

I usually works as a props builder and I also make wierd costumes and sometimes scenografies. No project is too big, too hard or too odd for me.

Esther Talía Casey – Vesturport Theatre

Esther  is the second participant from Iceland in Toqqortat. She is an actress and singer, equally at home in dramatic plays and musicals and too boot she's also a veteran street theater performer.

DUO KNOTCASE – Salpaus Further Edcucation

Milla Lahtinen & Sofia Daniel - Their main discipline is pair acrobatics and as solo acts Milla does swinging trapeze and Sofia does chinese pole.

“In our pair acrobatic work we combine different dance styles and flexibility, and the choreographies are created by ourselves. We are also interested in character work and full of energy to create and perform!"

In TOQQORTAT they are circusartists of course and also in the team that is making different promo-performances in the Nuuk City streets. They also participate as pedagogs for the young dancegroup.

Drakflygaren Production

Drakflygaren is an independent production company founded in 2011 by Karolina Jonason and Johanna Liljegren. The Swedish word for kite is the same word as the English “dragon” so a “Drakflygare” can be a kite runner or a person who flies a dragon.

A person who flies a dragon is a brave human who tames a dangerous dragon and uses it to fly a cross the world. A kite runner is usually a small child and his fascination of his toy. Despite association or translation of the word the person that flies is never afraid of an adventure.

We have during the last two years worked with Burnt Out Punks. And that cooperation brings us to Greenland and the amazing Toqqortat project. Our mission is to film the project and the people in it and in the end put together a documentary.

Dag Haddal - Grenland Friteater

Dag works as a producer for Grenland Friteater. Prior to this, he spent a decade in the United States where he worked primarily in theater and television production.

Additionally, he has worked as lighting and sound designer for opera, circus and ballet. Among his more esoteric experiences was a stint as an elephant keeper during his time with the circus.

He has been a good supporter and friend of the current project as well as master of the EU budget. We would be rather helpless without him.

Connie Kristoffersen - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /The National Theatre School of Greenland

“I was 1 year studying theatre with Silamiut theatre group. After that I had a role in a play named Malugisarpara. We were on a tour with this performance around Greenland.

I was also a host in Oqarit, a tv- talk show, while I was a teacher student.
After I finished my education I worked as a teacher in tree years, but now I am a student in Greenland national theatre.”

Cesar Fulgencio

I was born I the Philippines in 1972 and moved to Sweden when I was 6 years old in the year 1979.
I basically grew up in the suburbs in Botkyrka and am currently working there at a cultural center called Subtopia.
People that I have met and have began to get to know me have often described me as a hopeless optimist, probably because I often dive in to projects that some people believe to be against my ability. I personally think I'm a realist. I often see solutions and opportunities in situations that many consider to be difficult and demanding, or even "impossible".

Many people want to see me as an artist; I'd rather see myself as a renaissance man. I have lots of insights in different arts crafts. I am
disciplined in 2-dimensional and 3-dimentional art form and acquired knowledge in theater, circus, music production, poetry and dance. I often apply all various knowledge and discipline in all of my. This has helped a lot when working with youths in various projects.

My main interest is creation.
As a set designer I ́ve been time with a stage school starting of as an attribute maker. I am now currently a course designing.

I ́ve also work in different commercial production, the most resent is with a fire circus company called “Burnt out Punks”.
My character - Baenzaiii Hump is newly arrived to Sweden from a long walkabout from the distant mist of Asia. His foremost goal is to work and train hard with the Burnt Out Punks and to master the deadly skills of the "Fire Blades of Death". Amongst his skills are death-defying stunts (like being run over by cars and surviving). -Starting out as a roadie to impress his masters of the Zen Punks. He eagerly advances and leaps head first into any challenge with plenty of heart and not so much brain.

I am a crazy method circus artist who never comes out of character or costume for that matter! I have a grand dancing background and my artistic specialties are; Visual arts, scenography, stunts, dancing and karaoke. As the stage manager for the Burnt Out Punks i have the unique ability and skills to deal with people on both the artistic and the technical sides of the crew.

Technical team

Our project Circus Effects Network and the big sitespecific Toqqortat is very much about pyrotechnics and riggingtechnics as artforms.
For this we had the best ever crew. And very stylish  too!

They are: Gerth Lamberth/ Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia , Wille Christiani/Circus Arts, Olav Hanto/Grenlands Friteater, Ariellah Winther/AFUK, Trym Sigurdsen/Grenlands Friteater, Ilannguaq Kleist/ Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia, Ola Dalager/Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia, Oskar Hejll/Sweden,  and the fantastic volonteers coming to Nuuk: Fafa and Föni /Switzerland , Cesar Fulgenso/Subtopia, Evelina Jensen/Sweden (and about 10 volontary locals).

Ariellah Winther – AFUK

Our fabulous rigger Ariellah Winther from Denmark was also there, flying high over the harbour in Nuuk.

She has been a rigger for many years climbing high up under the roofs.
Working with a lot of performances, amongst others: “Havfruen”, “Momo”, “99%”, “Inside Out” with Cirkus Cirkör ; ”Come Together”, at Østre Gasværk , theater Republique on different projects, Uppsala stadsteater, AFUK.

She has also been freelancing on various projects in Addis Abeba; for ex sound recording for an Ethiopian feature length movie called Nishan.
She has attended Russian state circus school in Moscow, with speciality handstand and contortionism and Gøglerskolen (theater school) in Copenhagen.

Anika K Barkan - Coordinator from AFUK (The Academy for Untamed Creativity ) in Copenhagen

Anika is a Danish performance artist and cultural investigator. For more than 17 years she have worked as a professional independent performance artist and producer of art events in Japan, New York, South Africa and now in her native country Denmark.

A main concern in her work is the relation between the life and work of an artist and the role of art in society. Among others she has studied and worked with Min Tanaka at Body Weather Farm in Japan, Anna Halprin, the SITI Company/Ann Bogart, the Woostergroup in the US and Sibikwa Art Center in Johannesburg/South Africa.

In 2006 she founded CoreAct an innovative inter-disciplinary performance/art ensemble that focuses on social issues with global prospective.
Anika works as teather of performance at The Academy of Untamed Creativity/AFUK and she is the head of the board of their volunteer association, which promotes and manages a cultural center for youth.

Anemarie Ottosen - Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia /The National Theatre School of Greenland

My name is AneMarie Ottosen and I am a student. I am 31 years old and I have been a teacher for kids. I have been working with television, radio and theatre for a while.

I love to show my country to people and love sailing so I have been working as a guide for a while. I have been in a collaboration between the Arctic in a play called “Tulugak” and worked with Nalle P. Laanela in a play called Kaassassuk.

I have a son and he is 2½ years old.