Toqqortat got lyrical reviews!

Toqqortat was a great success and got wonderful respons:

Unique show with political undertones

The ball is in our court

More beautiful pictures!

Pictures from the Toqqortat show (photographers Leiff Josefsen, Titken Jacobsen, Frans Berthelsen):

Rehearsals and friendship:

TOQQORTAT stageplace:

TOQQORTAT diary until premiere...

Some of us arrive in Nuuk, Greenland today!
The same day as the container from Stockholm with all of our technics like lights and rigs and a lot of material for the scenography, like a big whaletail. We will give a big thank you to Royal Arctic for their great support!
Together with all the other contributors; for example EU Culture and others we will make this dream come true!

Every day, together with the people from Nunatta Isiginnaartitsiarfia/Greenlands National Theatre, we will build up stages, lights, rigs, make costumes and scenography. With great help from fantastic volunteers it all becomes part of the Toqqortat show. We will also work every day with the storyline and with the local actors.

All artists and the rest of the technical crew from the 6 other countries will arrive.

Intense work for the premiere of Toqqortat! Sewing, building, singing, acting...

The first runthrough down in the Colonial Harbour.

TODAY is the premiere!!! At 22:00 our dream will become reality!

The second show at 22:00.

Toqqorat is in the making

The production in Nuuk is drawing closer. Final preparations for the transporation of material is being made at Punkshangaren at Burnt Out Punks in Alby, Sweden. Material is being bought, collected and packed. A whale of 16 meters is being built in modules to fit into the container. 

The production teams in all the countries are busy planning the trips, logisticts in place in Nuuk , pyroteam are calculating and creating the final fireworks and the artistic team are finalyzing the script. 

Participants and roles in Toqqortat

Makka Kleist/Greenland , Olafur Egilsson/Iceland, Nalle Laanela/Sweden

Directed by:
Makka Kleist, Nalle Laanela , Olafur Egilsson

Set design/Costume/Mask:
Oskar Hejll/Sweden, Wille Christiani/Sweden, Makka Kleist/Greenland

Olav Hanto/Norway , Wille Christiani, Fafa Fierzt

Rigging technique:
Arielle Winter/Denmark, Petri Heikilää/Finland, Wille Christiani

Light and sound technique:
Ilannguaq Kleist, Gerth Lyberth, Orla Dalager / Greenland, Trym Sigurdsen/Norway , Cesar.Fulgencio/Sweden

Extra Volonteers:
Evelina Jensen (Backstage, scenoragphy) , Fafa Fiertz (Stage and Pyro) , Föni (carpenter and stage)

Production team
 (PR, Media, logistics, budget, applications, permissions, transports):
Ebbe Mortensson , Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia / Greenland  , Svenn B Syrinn / Greenland, Wille Christiani/Sweden, Stina Holmberg/Sweden, Marilen Ribot-Esterich / Spain , Dag Haddal/Norway , Annika Barkan / Denmark , Cesar.Fulgencio/Sweden

On stage
Marilen Ribot-Esterich/Spain
Olafur Egilsson/Iceland
Makka Kleist/Greenland
Wille Christiani/Sweden
Nalle Laanela/Sweden
Oskar Hjell/Sweden
Ronnie Nilsson/Sweden
Kimmernaq Kjeldsen/Greenland
Mike Fencker Thomsen/Greenland
Hans Henrik Poulsen/Greenland
Maj-Britt Beck/Greenland
Klaus Geisler/Greenland
Kristian Mølgaard/Greenland
Joel Degerfelt / Denmark
Milla Lahtinen /Finland
Sofia Daniel / Finland
4 theatrestudents from Greenlands theater collage
10 theatreamateurs from the company NAIP - Nuuk
10 Ungdom i Fremdrift, Nuuk
Nuuk village orchestra - Brassband

Documentary filmers
Drakflygarna Production

Evy Marron, Oli Egilsson, Svenn Syrin