In 2010, by the initiative of the organisation Circus Arts, the Circus Effects Network (CEN) was formed. A network of seven countries, seven organisations with similar forms of expressions and a wish to share and develop the artforms of rigging and pyrotechnics. Together we have decided to create TOQQORTUT. A hybrid project of different artforms and influences, a trip and a goal with equal value. A process where learning and perspectives gained during the creation are of as much value as the final show itself.



It is a project where inspiring shows and educational workshops around rigging, pyrotechnics, circus and fire will lead to the creation and performance of a grand site specific show in the bay of Nuuk in Greenland in 2014.
The fusion of different elements will be something completely unique especially with Greenland as creations and performance location. The theme will be based in Inuit history, present and mythology.
Conflicts between modernity and tradition, between nature and technology and the global warming effects which is very topical in Greenland.
To process these themes in a performance with a combination of spectacular expressions, some of which springs from the Greenland tradition feels like a unique, pleasurable and enter state project.


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