Short Summary  of  CEN meeting and Burnt Out Punks premiere in Alby, Sweden on the 31st of May 2013

On the 31st of May  a CEN meeting was held in Alby, Sweden. This was on the same day that the Burnt Out Punks had their premiere of the hsow The Stockholm Syndrome. The show that then toured Norway and Iceland and held workshops in rigging and pyrotechnics. 

CEN representatives from Spain (Marilen Ribot) and Denmark (Ariellah Winther) together with the hosts Circus Arts (Wille Christiani and Stina Holmberg), had a meeting about the TOQQORTAT project. Since Ariellah is the new AFUK representative we spent a majority of the meeting on updating her on the work and nature of Circus Effects Network and our plans, progress and dreams of the TOQQORTAT project. 

We discussed the different rigging possibilites on the site in Greenland as we took a tour on site of the Burnt Out Punks set up show area. The day ended with a flaming and crazy performance of Burnt Out Punks!