Final meeting  and documentay premiere of "Toqqortat - from dreams to politics" - Sweden 2015

After 5 years of networking we in CircusEffectsNetwork had our final meeting here in Alby - Stockholm together with the premiere of the documentary “ Toqqortat – from dreams to politics”  .
From six countries  we had become 8 . Sweden, Norway, Iceland , Finland, Greenland, Denmark, Spain and through faboulus voluntary workers … Switzerland.

Part 1

All members came to participate. Through the years of this very special process we have built up such a trust and friendship so we had a some really great days together. We visited Punks hangar , Cirkus Cirkör, Subtopia Culture House and the mask maker and participant Oskar Hejlls in his workshop.
Wille showed us around in the Punks hangar where Majbritt Bech tried out  Daddys bar in Sweden (perhaps a bit different from Daddys in Nuuk but with all the good memories from there).  We had a meeting where Stina helped us plan the set up of the evening for the documentary.
Oskar told us the stories of his masks and a lot of other really exiting and dangerous and mystic things and Makka Kleist even got to try out his special bike . 
Cesar showed us around in Subtopia  and told us about the activities and the function and history of Subtopia.

Part 2

The documentary premiere evening started with a very tastefull and beautiful sushi-dinner at Bistro Barbro. The Punks had traded fireshow evening for a super nice dinner and efter patry. THANKS!!!!
We ate, drank and shared memories from Greenland. 

The evening then continued with program for the VIP invited. Press, grant supporters, sponsors and other people in the business. A little speach by Wille and Stina , a short presentation by the participants and their organisations. Nalle told about his first meeting with Greenland.  Makka more about the word Toqqortat and the hidden worrds, about  the Mother of the Sea and other Inuit traditions. Inuit mythology that became such an  important part of our performance. The program ended with Maj-Britt performing traditionel maskdance and giving the invited people a taste of real Greenland.

Part 3

In front of a full house at  Bio Rio movie theatre Kimmernaq Kjeldsen gave us all the beautiful acapella song`- Isussuappu - .
250 people had come to watch the 1 hour long documentary, "Toqqortat- From dreams to politics”, about our adventure in creating and realizing our dream Toqqortat. The laughter and tears came and went and everybody was touched and impressed by the magic that we had made happen with alot of hard work, small assets and a little magic! 

And after that the documentary the creators of the documentary Johanna o Karolina (Drakflygarna Production) were the firsts ones called up on stage to recieve flowers and recieve the applauses of the audience. It is nearly unbelievable how they managed to take so many hours filming with unforgettable moments and make it into a comprehensible peice of art by itself!
We where all called up on stage and given flowers and the thanks from the audience.  

And all off you toqqortats that were not there: you where there with us anyway. Not physically but in the documentary and for sure in our hearts; The Ezkimoves , Qiajuks, maskdancers , drumdancers, volonteers, all Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfias , Ronnie, Dag, Petri, Sören, Anika, the people in Nuuk , ...all of you!

And with this very warm final we just say : It´s possible to do the unbelievable and this is just the beginning of something new with more dreams coming along that makes our paths cross again in CEN and in the world ……! THANK U ALL!!!