Pre Toqqortat Budget Meeting in Svinesund, Norway on 14 th July.

On the 14th of July 2014 the budget group for the final production in Greenland saw it necessary to meet up and check the budget and get a grip of the final financial report of the Toqqortat project. The meeting took place at Svinesund in Norway on the border to Sweden. 
Project coordinators Stina Holmberg and Nalle Laanela together with the accountant of Circus Arts AB, Madde Katz Nylen came from sweden by car. Grethe Knudsen (Producer)  and Dag Haddal (Producer and EU expert) came from Porsgrunn and Grenland Friteater. Svenn Syrin (Artistic director) representing Greenland also managed to come as he was on vaction in Norway at the time. 
The day was spent going through every aspect of the final toqqortat show budget. Deciding upon how the money was to be spent and how much we had left for implementing the project in place in NUUK. Dag and Madde took time to go through how the Final Finacial Report was to be done and what supporting documents  etc was necessary to be included in the report.