On the 4th and 5th of December 2012 a CEN meeting was planned to be held in Porsgrunn and the Grenlands Friteater. The idea was for Sweden, Iceland and Norway to meet, update, discuss and exchange experiences and ideas within the framework of the network.



Three CEN-members where unfortunately stopped by a snowstorm on Arlanda in Stockholm. After checking in to three different flights and after 9 hours they had to give up and return home. So the visit by Greenlands Friteater , So the only one coming there was Olifur Egilsson from Iceland.


His rapport:

Visiting Porsgrunn and seeing Grenlands Friteater's performance "Paradise lost" was very inspiring for the work to come. It is always good to meet personally with collaborators and network participants at their home-base, seeing where people are coming from. During the visit we had many good discussions about the day-to-day practicalities and logistics of creating large-scale performances with limited funding. Along those lines we also discussed how the Friteater has experience with involving local non-professional people into their performances. Something that will be a huge benefit in the proposed Greenland project. Also the Friteater makes a lot of site-specific-work and basically the Greenland project will be one major site specific work so they will be in their element.


Discussing the craft of theatre and performance with the group I recieved an introduction to how the Friteater works as actors - they are a very much physical theatre and utilize their interpretation of the Grotowsky biomechanics in their acting and creating their characters, again that will be a benefit in the preparation of the Greenland performance since Greenlanders have a heritage of physical storytelling - The mask dance.


We compared the situation for independent companies in Iceland and Norway, how much importance the theatre festival has in Porsgrunn, there are only a few very small thetare festivals in Iceland and perhaps this is something that Vesturport could explore more. As of now we only tour but of course we should look to play host as well.