Short summary of the CEN meeting, Burnt Out Punks shows and workshops Norway14th – 16th of June 2012.

Between the 5th and the 9th Circus Effects Network met for the first time in its' entirety! For 5 days the network gathered to discuss, plan, socialize and dream together. 
This time that the CEN came together was arranged simultaneously as the Icelandic circus festival Volcano. Organized by Circus Village project  (Norway) and Nordic House (Iceland) who paid for half of our costs.  CEN crew gave free workshops in rigging and pyrotechnics for the local participants. Burned Out Punks performance was as well free for the audience and hundreds of festival people experienced a fantastic outdoor show in the “darkening” evening of Circus village. We also brought along the filmcrew Drakflygaren Produktion Johanna Liljegren och Karolina Jonason) that will document and film our work towards TOQQORTAT.

The Nordic house was represented to us by Max Dager. He showed his interest on the CEN project and will be helping us if possible.
Some of the CEN people met people from Vesturport. Focus of the meeting was to hear about Vesturport and to share information about CEN.
The Volcano turned out to be a success bringing a notable amount of circus related people to same place, presenting new elements of circus to local audience and creating possibilities for new contacts.
Meeting a lot of people and seeing a good variety of circus performances created a perfect platform for creative CEN meetings.
Cen had several meetings in Iceland and everything was collected together in the final meeting.
We also welcomed and updated our new member (Marilen - Spain) and represenative (Ariellah - Afuk) on the Network and on TOQQORTAT
We managed to organize ourselves in working groups and a realistic plan of how we can make our dream TOQQORTAT can come alive!

Next meeting was planned to AFUK, Copenhagen on the first weekend of February 2014.

CEN meeting in Iceland. From Left to right: Olafur Egillson, Stina Holmberg, Svenn Syrin and Arriellah Winther.

More pics from the trip will soon be published here: