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Short Summary of the CEN meeting in Iceland 1-3 of April.

Between Friday the 1st – 3rd April the second CEN Nordic network meeting was held in Reikjavik  in Iceland. During the 3 days we had several discussions and meetings, a visit to Stadsteatern, Vesturport theathre group as well as social activities including a visit to hot spring, theatre performance and night out in Reikjavik.


The following was discussed and decided:

Process and Coordination

Circus Arts will continue to coordinate and collect ideas and apply for future grants. We will try to make as many decisions as possible during future meetings and travels. If future network grant is granted final decisions will be made about a future Site specific show.

Circus Arts will do the documentation and reports to our beneficiaries.

It was decided to keep a low as possible pressure around the participation between the meetings (ie: keep email  contact to a minimum) and try to work and decide things when we physically meet.  More focus on trying to gather everyone at a few times rather than trying to keep in contact all the time.


visit at Stadsteatern
Hot water spring bath
Ólafur Egilsson (Iceland) and Inuk Hoeg (Greenland)



It as decided that we shall aply for grants for the future network process. And to apply for production grants for the future show. 


Discussions about what the network should be focusing on:


The network is most benificial for all. There is a need and intrest to increase the contact between the members.

The network should offer research/inspirational trips to other groups in Europe and each other. Around specific themes. 

Workshops in rigging and the possibility for at least one member from each group (country) to get a International Rigging Certification Nordic paid for by the network.

We need to keep visiting each other (Denmark, finland, Norway and Greenland).

The creation of a common show (see below).

The network should also include ”physical stage performance” as to better mirror the members interests.


The network is already starting to have its own life.

During the stay in Iceland Oli Egilsson (Vesturport Theatre and more) took the members all around Reikjavik and introduced us to a great many people and companies involved with experimental theathre/show/circus in Iceland.

Several network ”spinoffs” took place.


-Wille Christiani (Circus Arts) ended up choreographing a (circus-) pole act and a fireact for Vesturports new show ”The Housewife”, premiering mid April.


-Inuk Hoog (Siliamut, Greeland) meet the producers and the group Vesturport who will be visiting Greeland in the fall of 2011 with their show BRIM. They had no direct personal contact in Greeland from before and Inuk promised to show them around and help out.


-Contact with the only active circus performers in Iceland where made. They had great exchange and help from meeting us. Amongst other things they were given advice around their application work to the circus schools of  Sweden and Denmark


-Future work between the production Klubben and Burnt Out Punks was planned and discussed. 

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The wish to make a show together is still strong within the network.

We decided that if we get furter funding we will conduct a study and research trip to Royal de Luxe in France. During this trip we will decide upon where this show will be located.

The most likely date for a show would be the spring of 2013

The most likely place woulkd be greeland (still to be decided and depening future  grants).

Leading up to the actual creation of the show several workshops and research trips will have to be made within the theme of the show.

The show will be based on what the members have to bring to the table, as to complement the focus on rigging and pyrotechnics.