Between the 28th of Jan and the 4th of Feb, 2013 a CEN meeting took place in Nuuk, Greenland. It was a mix of location scouting, networking and artistic and logistical meetings. Many local contacts were made and several steps towards the final site-specific show Toqqortat were made.


Wille Christiani from Burnt Out Punks arrived on the 28th and Olafur Egilsson from Vesturport arrived on the 31st. In place from already two weeks was Nalle Laanela (Circus Arts, Sweden). Nalle had been teaching clowning the National Theatre School of Greenland (Our CEN partner).



Wille organized the week and started networking locally.



Meeting with Svenn Bernard Syrin (Siliamut Theatre and National School) about the needs for the show and what the local culture life would benifit from the most in terms of style of the show. Locations where discussed and a car, was organized for the Friday, for location scouting. The progress of the preparations for creating a show was discussed. As well as the plan for the rest of the week.



Wille held a short workshop in eating and breathing fire for the students of the National Theatre School. At night a welcoming meeting and update for Oli from Iceland.



Wille, Nalle and Oli went location scouting around Nuuk by foot and car - some concrete suggestions where made. In the afternoon we looked at the students final clown workshop show. Nalles work with them for 2 weeks. At night we meet up with other local artists for informal meeting over some beers.



Between 14.00 - 16.00 – workshop/lecture in scriptwriting

WORKSHOP: Svenn and Makka (actor of Silamiut and headmaster of the school) were interested and wondering if Oli could give the 5 students at the Theatre University a lecture/workshop/talk about script/play writing. The reason for this is that there are no plays written in Greenlandic and the idea is that the students will leave school with this knowledge. They want to bring in a teacher to work with them on this for a longer time in the future. This could be Oli.


At night we had dinner and a creative meeting with Svenn and Makka at their home. We discussed the show in general terms and little extra focus on the artistic. A framework was built and the location of the show in Nuuk was decided.



We had a wrap up meeting and made future plans. We also visited the location of the future show as well as the National Museum.



Departure day.

Part of the Bay of Nuuk in Greenland
Part of the Bay of Nuuk in Greenland