Toqqortat Lecture at AFUK, Copenhagen on the 25th of November 2014

On the 25th of November 2014 Stina Holmberg, Wille Christiani and Dag Haddal met up at AFUK in Denmark to give a lecture about our Toqqortat project and to talk about the final report to EU. 
The lecture was held in the large performance space in AFUK between 17.00-19.00. Students, politicians and the public were invited to take part of the  night. About 70 people showed up, Mostly students from the AFUK school. 

The evening of the lecture "Circus Effects Network & TOQQORTAT - From dreams to politics" looked as follows:

1. Opening by a female greenlandic maskdancer. Telling the history and mythology behind this old Inuit tradition at the same time as performing it. 
2. Lecture by Stina Holmberg and Wille Christiani about the CEN and the Toqqortat project. A 1 hr power point lecture followed by a 15 min of pictures from the production in Greenland. Ending with Q &A. 
3. Performance by Joel Degerfeldt (artist from AFUK represented them in Greenland) with a Rou Cyr act.
4. The kitchen school at AFUK had prepared a traditional greenlandic dinner for a cheap price.