Kick-Off TOQQORTAT at AFUK - Denmark

On Saturday the 1st – Sunday the 2nd of February 2014 the CEN Nordic Network met at AFUK in Denmark for the first Kick Off meeting for the TOQQORTAT production. 2 days of intensive meetings, brainstorming and planning. Day one was dedicated to more creative and artistic work. We decided details of the stage, rigging, pyrotechnics, storyline and more. Day 2 was dedicated to planning the practical work to make all the artistic ideas come true.

Below is the Time Schedule of the 2 days:

Time schedule

12.00 – Lunch på AFUK
– Meeting opening
- Welcome and the days ahead – Wille
- Update on progress  (Project coordination + Wille + Stina = practical issues, dropboxinfo, contributors, money, PR etc )

13.30 Presentation/update of the artistic ideas
– Show Format
-Scenography/ costume – (Costume, make-up, set design Wille/Oskar)
- Script/storyline –  (Script group- Nalle/Makka/Oli)
-Alternative locations – Svenn/Makka

15.00- Coffe break
15.30- continue presentations
-Pyro/effects/permissions – Olav/Svenn/nalle
-Which Artists from where?

16.30 -
Open discussions and brainstorming in three groups :
Script/storyline (Makka,Nalle,Oli on skype)
Scenography/pyro/costume/rigging (Wille, Reje, Sören, Oskar, Olav,Petri )
Productionteam (Prod– Stina, Svenn, Mithras, Anika,Dag)
(PR, Media, Logistics, budget, contributors, spons , permissions, transpotations, living, food,)

17.30 – Dinner at AFUK

10.00 – Coffe at AFUK + presentation of the day -
10.30 Break into smaller groups to further discuss the shows needs/format/content and the reports is here:

To do list
1. Storyline/Script:
NAlle will update Oli. Storyline is in the Dropbox

List of pyro to put in to Dropbox as soon as possible. Deadline soon as possible – before 1st of April. Has to be shipped 1,5 moths prior to
Collect garbage for the show (some gang in Nuuk???)during the summer??? FB youth group.
Masks/Costume – Oskar and Makka have contact and discussions.
Lights and lightboard that we need?Can we found them in our countries to bring them. Once we have located the light/allround technician (Trym, Björn…?) an complete inventory of Nuuk and respective countries will begin.

600.000 Skr we have. But not in the bank
From EU we get 200.000skr when the project is ended- (after the documentary 2015)
From NK we get 50.000 skr  after the production Toqqortat.
The new thing with EU-money is that we have to follow our EU budget . We can´t change the budget posts as we are used to.

1.We need more money!!!
Suggestions To do:
Salpaus/Petri is searching from ……….50.000Skr (Circusstudents in cooperation with circusstudents from AFUK and theatrestudens in  Greenland Nationaltheatre)
Vesturport/Oli is searching mobility from……………..and from  KKN (Nordic Culture Point)for the time in Nuuk. (Those money will go in to Vesturport and then will be paid as salary to Oli. (Ev. We can ev. take technical reicepts from Vesturport to fill up their own insats.
CircusArts/Stina search mobility from KKN for Nalle, Wille ., Ronnie, Stina, Mithras
CircusArts/Stina search Interrnationell cooperation by Konstnärsnämnden for Wille, Nalle and Ronnie.
Circus Arts/Stina will search smaller funds like Letterstedska
AttempoCirc/Marilen search mobility from………………………..
AFUK search for mobility from KKN for two
AFUK will discuss other possibilities. (For ex. Circusstudents in cooperation with circusstudents from Salpaus and theaterstudens from  Greenland Nationaltheatre school)Ev. the funds Dansk-Grönländska and A.P Möller fund.
Grenlands/Dag-Olav perhaps search mobility from KKN
Greenland N.T /Svenn search for more and need all details

4. PR
We will do the first pressrelease as soon as possible.
Svenn and Makka will take the poster that wille has done and put in much more focus on Nuuk and Greenland by pictures and text. Positive focus!! (Then it will be easier to use when working towards tourist companies, the Greenland state, Nuuk municipality, ferry lines etc.) They send it to us to finish and then:
Every organisation will do pressrelease in their own country and we make a map in Dropbox where all can put the lists of their contacts and other PR-matters
Svenn and Wille (EV Olav/DAG also) will be the contacts for the project in all PR material but we also need a local contact person answering questions about their respective organisation.
It´s a unique project and probably good for all of us to figure in media.
Svenn and Ebbe will take all the contacts with local media in Nuuk .
Marilen makes a fanpage on Facebook.
HOMEPAGES!!!!  And the EU-logga . All participants!!!
INFORMATION To the EU. Wille: can you check up that information we got - EVE ????
Invitations to the TOQQORTAT when it´s time !!!
(Wille will invite people from Burning man cause he wants to go to Nevada 2015 with Punks)
(Stina will invite the king of Sweden cause she always wants to marry him)

To Do:
1.We ask Susanne Larsen to make a little folder (there is budget for that)
Already now every organisation makes a promo page with a nice photo and a short text and a contactperson for more locally info. Put them in PR-map in Dropbox or mail them to Wille and Stina
When we have the folder and the pressrelease we can start the sponsorship work.
All suggestions for sponsoring are welcome.
(We make an map in Dropbox called Sponsors where we all can put in ideas)
(Olav for example will try with the pyro company in Norway.
Who knows the construction company in Nuuk?? Ann-Sophie???
The ferrieline
Wille has a contact, through a rigger friend, whos family owns several pubs and restaurants and the brewery in Nuuk.

6. Own investment/TIMESHEETS
The EU time sheet in the Dropbox  is good to use because then it´s easier for the EU report

To do:
Olav: Can you just mail me the KKN paper and we probably can use that money as “own investment” from Grenlands.
Oli: If you get the money you will apply for from KKN and……….Vesturport can make them to Vesturports “own investment” by giving you salary at the same sum!?
Petri: You can start whenever with the timesheet cause you´re the boss.
Dag will find out for Grenland (time sheets)
AFUK for AFUK (time sheets)
Svenn for Nuuk what suits everyone best (time sheets)

7. Logistics NUUK
In Dropbox we have made an map under TOQQORTAT PRODUCTION called logistics where we have put what we know today and time schedule. There is also a folder for ideas and other information.

8.  BOP summer
Show and workshops in Finland this summer