Short summary of the CEN meeting and workshops in Denmark 14th – 16th of June 2012.


Between the 14th – 16th of June the 6th CEN Nordic network meeting was held at AFUK ( Akademiet for Utaemet Kreativitet), Copenhagen, Denmark. Members of CEN from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden and Finland participated (Olav Hanto from Norway, Greenlands Friteater, was not able to participate due to their own fstibval Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival). Meetings, workshops, BOP show and night time cabaret all took place in 4 days. We managed to stick to most tour plans, with a few minor changes. We had some fantastic days despite stormy wheater and rainy skies.

Review of the 6th CEN meeting;



1.Setup and rig of the Burnt Out Punks stage/show area. Simultaneously a rig workshop was held with CEN members and students from the school (A special mention to Esther Wrobel from Isreal who participated with her different approach to Counter weight work. The different relationsship of "False Gravitation" in relation to a vertical surface).


2. We participated with ideas and new rig solutions for forthcoming festivals in the area.


3. Short informal meetings between the AFUK staff, CEN represenatives and students. It was a joy to see how AFUK had prepared for this opening day of the Festivitas Festival. A collective work of seldom seen effort impressed us all.



1. Set up and run through of the BOP pyrotechnics for show. This was done as a workshop for some students of AFUK. The workshop included the rig of pyrotechnics close to or on the bodywithout compromising security. The rig and firing of fire goblets. Detonation of weak current blasting caps. Finally the flamethrowers where presented, the manner of assembly was described and safety and security routines described. Finally some of the participants tried the flamethrowers in action.


2. CEN discussion/meeting and coffe . Uppdate By Wille christiani and Stina Holmberg on the economic situation and progress of the network .Discussions were held about the next steps of the network project. Everybody agreed that we should continue to work towards a large scale ice/fire show (TOQQORTUT) with amatuers and professionals in NUUK, Greenland 2014. We have to be flexible about the level of ambition since we won´t know how much money we will be able to raise. However it was obvious that the core of the network really belives in this project. Even Olav Hanto (Greenlands Friteater) made his voice heard through cyber space supporting the project. Decision was made to continue to apply for grants and also widen it to EU grants. We also aim to have a smaller meeting in Norway in fall/winter 2012 and that some of the members will go visit the Royal de Luxe, mechanical marionette street theatre company I Nantes/Frankrike as planned.


3. Sören Flor (AFUK:s representative in CEN) , headmaster for the artist- circus education at AFUK, told us the story of AFUK and gave us the tour of the premises. Very impressing to see how fast they have established themselves in the new spaces in only ywo years. Very inspiring


4. We were also able to bring together two people whom we think may benifit alot from knowing each other. Joachim Randrup – one of the founders of AFUK (who now runs Cucina Autonoma see website and CEN- Sven B Syrin meet and had discussions about pedagogy and culinary ideas for the future on Greenland. And also ton bring together CEN-Olifur Egilsson with the scenographer Sissel Romme Christensen who just like Olifur works alot with film, projections as well as children and youththeatre.


5. Burnt Out Punks performed the big show the Stockholm Syndrome as a grand finale of the Festivitas Festival. It was a gift to all the 100 young students and pedagogs whom had made the festival possible.



1.Down rig of the Burnt Out Punks show. This time with the assistence of students from the school whom had also participated in the earlier workshops. Down rig and packing of the tour vehicles takes about 4-6 hrs.


2. Every year Festivitas ends with the notorius Night Cabaret. It is a process that lasts the whole day. During which the artists create the show from scratch and around a specific theme. This year the Theme was "Wear it like a Clown". Artists from all over Scandinavia, ex students, special guests, teachers and members of the staff all take part in the creation. At late night the show starts which can last for up to 3-4 hrs. It is a popular activity to take part in. The CEN project was given three places. Svenn from Greenland, Olifur from Iceland and Nalle from Sweden filled those places. And whata great Cabaret it turned out to be. The fantastic Stine Pilmark (AFUK organizer) was the confrancier and our very own theatre veteran Svenn, as a clown janitor, ended this amazing show. And then the obligatory party until early in the morning.



The CEN group gathered and had a breakfast meeting during which we summerized the days and a short evaluation. Very satisfied we said goodby and could once again note that the creation of CEN has given as all new friends, contacts and alot inspiration for the future.


For more information about AFUK and Festivitas and the night Cabaret CLICK HERE 

CEN workshop, AFUK, Denmark