2013 EACEA KICK-OFF meeting in Brussells 14 – 15 october

Dag Haddal (Producer - Grenlands Friteater) Wille Christiani and Stina Holmberg (Circus Arts) was invited to the Kick-off meeting in Bryssel for information about important issues about the grant we recieved for our project Toqqortat. We were about 130 people from all over Europe , coordinators and managers from different cultural projects.

The program:
-Welcome statement by Barbara Gessler , Head of Unit Culture Programme, EACEA.

- Management of cooperation projects ; rules and best practices (France Dantin)

- Communication strategy and dissemination of results (Silvana Verdiani)

- Project audit(s) (Sandra Delespesse)

- Workshop afternoon with Cooperation issues , Financial management , Rules and reporting , Amendments ( Maria Ursoleo and Ricard Moya)

It was a really good day with alot of information to take back home to the project memebers.
We had also the opportunity to meet our EU-contact Patrice Viviancos. A very nice and relaxed man who comes from the mediaworld and has mostly worked with film before coming to work for EU.

It was also really nice to have company with Fanny and Anna from Cirkör who where there with their project CARE.
The lunch was lovely!!!!!!! Unfortunately we got no time for talking with other project people . There were so many questions in the afternoon meeting that no time was left for networking. A pity but OK.
It was also really good that Dag had the opportunity to come cause he´s the one in the network with the most experience of EU questions and management. He will be a great asset to the Toqqortat projet.

We had also the great opportunity to stay by Pedro Miguel Silva. A good friend and circus artist from Portugal based in Brussells since many years.

A really good trip!