Circus Arts AB and Burnt Out Punks have with the support from KK Nord and Nordisk Kulturfond  initiated the building of a network of circus organisations in the Nordic countries, working with similar stage expressions as themselves. The aim is to develop the different organisation´s distinctive styles by common workshops and seminars, with the focus on rigging and pyrotechnics. The goal is to make a site specific production in one or more of the participating countries.


The first network meeting was held in the Punkshangar in Subtopia in November 2010. The focus was on finding a common ground and future goals. Workshops and discussions were held around the art of pyrotechnics, rigging and site specific production. Participating organisations were AFUK in Denmark, Salpaus Further Education in Finland, Grenland Friteatret in Norway, Vesturport Theater in Iceland, Silamiut Theater in Greenland and Circus Arts/Burnt out Punks in Sweden.


In 2012 the network grew and we welcomed Atempo Circ, from Barcelona, Spain, as a new member in the network. 

We have also continously recived grants from mainly Nordic funds but recently recieved a larger grant from 
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency/ EACEA. This grant will allow us to continue our work towards a joint site specific production. We have named it TOQQORTAT and it will take place on Greenland in Nuuk in September 2014!

The Nordic Circus Effects Network

Burnt Out Punks on tour