Circus Arts and Burnt Out Punks have with the support from KK Nord and Nordisk Kulturfond initiated the building of a network of circus organisations in the Nordic countries, working with similar stage expressions as themselves. The aim is to develop the different organisation´s distinctive styles by common workshops and seminars, with the focus on rigging and pyrotechnics. And to raise the levels of these artforms. The goal was to create a site specific production named "Camouflage" in one or more of the participant countries.

And the dream came to reality after years of networking and hard work and resulted in the biggest site specific show ever in Greenland  .  30th and 31th of august 2014  “Toqqortat” (hidden – camouflage ) where shown in Colonial Harbour in Nuuk to half the population and became a big success .
A show where inuit storytelling and masktradition met innovative rigging and pyrotechnics,   fire , clown and circus involving more than 50 people on stage.
Read and see more about toqqortat  under TOQQORTAT creation and performance

Toqqortat performance in Colonial Harbour Nuuk, August 2014, Photo: Titken A.Jakobsen

Now in april 2015  we have had our final meeting for the CEN network with the premiere of our documentary “ From dreams to politics” in stockholm where everything started. Bio Barbro was filled up with a speechless audience and we networkers had some fantastic days together
Read about it under MEETINGS – Final Meeting

Circus Effects Network became something much more than what we expected when we started in 2010. Trust and livelong friendships have been built up during the years and now there are new ideas and dreams on it's way.

See you soon again!!!


Coming up Next

Soon you can see the filmed show and the documentary here on our site.
While waiting for that you can see and listen to Kimmernaq Kjeldsen singing - Isussuappu – From the film-premiere evening at Bio Rio. 
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Successful premiere f the documentary
Premiere of the 
Premiere documentary TOQQORTAT - From dreams to politics
The Stockholm Syndrome
The Stockholm Syndrome